Une série de 4 nouveaux livres sur la chimie des fluorures est parue ou paraîtra en 2016 et 2017


Progress in Fluorine Science” series, A. Tressaud, Editor-in-chief, Elsevier


  Serie 4 livres  Tresssaud



 Vol.1 – “Photonic and Electronic Properties of Fluoride Materials”,

 A. Tressaud, K. Poeppelmeir, Eds, March 2016


Foreword, M. Rosseinsky
1. Introduction tyo the series “Progress in Fluorine Science”, A. Tressaud
2. Elaboration of nanofluorides and ceramics for optical laser applications, P.P. Fedorov, S.V.
Kuznetsov V.V. Osiko
Optical Properties
3. Upconversion phenomena in nanofluorides, M.F. Joubert, G. Ledoux, S. Mishra
4. Optical properties of fluoride transparent ceramics, P. Gredin, M. Mortier
Synthesis and characterization of F-doped zinc oxides, Al-doped zinc hydroxyfluoride and oxide-fluoride composites for transparent visible / infrared absorbers, M.  Gaudon, H. Serier-Brault, I. Trenque, A. Demourgues
6. Fluorine-containing beryllium borates as nonlinear optical crystals for deep-ultraviolet laser generation, C. Chen, L. Liu, X. Wang
7. Fluorescence in nanostructured oxyfluoride glasses
doped with RE ions, J. Heo, C. Liu
8. Fluorinated nematic liquid crystals: Design, Synthesis and Properties, P. Kirsch
Molecular engineering of F-based iridium(III) complexes as a phosphorescent emitter, Y. Takahira, E. Murotani
10. Fluoride-based nanostructure as photo-electrodes for QDSC, H. Chen, L. Zhu, H. Liu, W. Li
Magnetic Properties
Molecular fluoride-bridged 3d-4f complexes and their magnetic properties, K. S. Pedersen, J. Bendix
12. Unique silver(II) fluorides: the emerging electronic and magnetic materials, Z. Mazej, D. Kurzydlowski, W. Grochala
Magnetism of transition metal fluorides, L. Clarck, P. Lightfoot
14. Multiferroism in fluorides, G. Calestani, F. Mezzadri
Non-Linear Properties
Frequency-doubling oxide fluorides, borate fluorides & fluorooxoborates, S. Pan, Y. Wang, K.R. Poeppelmeier
16. Ferroelastic and ferroelectric phase transitions in Fluoro- and Oxyfluorometallates, I.N. Flerov, M.V. Gorev, M.S. Molokeev, N.M. Laptash
17. Group theoretical approach on possible magnetoelectric fluorides, G. Nénert
Superconductor Properties
18. Modification of magnetic and electronic properties, in particular superconductivity, by low temperature insertion of fluorine into oxides, P. Slater, L. Driscoll
19. Superconductivity in iron oxypnictide induced by F-doping, Y. Kamihara, H. Hosono
Ionic Conductors
Ionic Conductivity of Nanocrystalline Metal Fluorides, M.A. Reddy, M. Fichtner

21. Non-stoichiometric single crystals of M1-xRxF2+x and R1-yMyF3-y (M = Ca, Sr, Ba;R = rare-earth elements) as fluorine-ionic conductive solid electrolytes, B.P. Sobolev, N.I. Sorokin, N.B. Bolotina



Vol.2 – “New Fluorinated Carbons: Fundamentals and Applications”
O. Boltalina, T. Nakajima, Eds, , September  2016

Foreword, O. Boltalina, T. Nakajima
1. Electronic properties and applications of fluorofullerenes, O.V. Boltalina
2. Synthesis and Isolation of trifluoromethylfullerenes, B.W. Larson, S.H. Strauss, O.V. Boltalina
3. Thirteen Decakis(trifluoromethyl)decahydro(C60-Ih)[5,6]fullerenes (C60(CF3)10): Structures and Structure-Related Properties of the Largest Set of Fullerene(X)nIsomers, E.V. Bukovsky, B.W. Larson, T.T. Clikeman, Y.S. Chen,A.A. Popov, O.V. Boltalina, S.H. Strauss
4. Trifluoromethylated Corannulene Derivatives: A.A. Popov
5. Fluorinatione / Defluorination and Fluorine Storage Properties of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanohorns, Y. Hattori, H. Touhara
6. Synthesis and characterization of fluorinated carbon fibers and nanotubes,Y. S. Lee
7. Perfluoroalkylated PAH n-type semiconductors: theory and experiment, H. Sun, J.H. Kramer
8. Electronic properties of fluorinated graphene, L.G. Bulusheva, A.V. Okotrub
9. Nature of C-F bonds in fluorinated carbons, M. Dubois, K. Guérin, A. Hamwi, A. Vinogradov
10. Preparation and application of fluorine-carbon and fluorine-oxygen carbon materials
11. Intercalation chemistry and application of B/C/N materials to secondary batteries, Y. Matsuo
12. Structures of highly fluorinated compounds of layered carbon, M. Kawaguchi, K. Yamada, H. Ishikawa
13. Lithium – graphite fluoride battery: history and fundamentals, T. Nakajima
14. Fluorinated nanocarbons for lubrication, P. Tomas, P. Bilas, A. Molza, L. Legras, J.L. Mansot, K. Guérin, M. Dubois
15. Perfluoropolyether-functionalized carbon-based materials and their applications, M Sansotera, M. Gola, W. Navarrini
16. Nanoeletronics Based on Fluorinated graphene, K.I. HO, C.S. Lai, C.Y. Su



Vol.3 – “Modern Synthesis Processes and Reactivity of Fluorinated Compounds”

H. Groult, F. Leroux, A. Tressaud, Eds., to appear Nov. 2016


Foreword, H. Groult, F. Leroux, A. Tressaud
1.The Cosmic Origin of: an astronomer's view on fluorine synthesis, N. Ryde, H. Jonsson
2. The fluorine atom in healthcare and agrochemical applications - a contribution to life science, J. Eicher, M. Braun
3. Industrial syntheses of HydroFluoroOlefins and related products, M. Nappa, S. Peng, X. Sun
4. Electrochemical fluorination: a powerful tool for the preparation of organo-fluorine compounds, N. Ignatiev
5. Once upon a time was the Langlois’ reagent: “A sleeping beauty”, B. Langlois
6. Towards CF3S Group: From Trifluoromethylation of Sulfides to Direct Trifluoromethylthiolation, F. Toulgoat, T. Billard
7. Nucleophilic di- and trifluoromethylation of C=N and C=O bonds, A. Dilman
8. Oxidative Trifluoromethylation and Trifluoromethylthiolation, F.L. Qing
9. Advances in Catalytic Enantioselective carbon-fluorine bond formation, D. Toste, R. Thornbury, G. Schäfer
10. Development of electrophilic trifluoromethylating reagents, T. Umemoto
11. New nucleophilic fluoroalkylation, S. G. K. Prakash, Z. Zhang
12. Continuous flow selective direct fluorination using fluorine gas, G. Sandford
13. Synthesis of fluorinated nitrogen containing compounds through superelectrophilic activation in superacid HF/SbF5, S. Thibaudeau, H. Carreyre, A. Mingot
14. Visible light-induced (per)fluoroalkylation by photoredox catalysis, G. Dagousset, A. Carboni, G. Masson, E. Magnier
15. Synthesis of side-chain fluorinated amino acids and their effects on the properties of peptides and proteins, S. Vukelic, J. Moschner, S. Huhmann, R. Fernandes, A.A. Berger, B. Koksch
16. Ionic liquids and polymers for battery and fuel cells, C. Iojoiu, O. Danyliv, F. Alloin
17. Strategic Incorporation of Fluorine for Drug Discovery and Development, T. Honda, I. Ojima
18. Telomerisation Reaction of 3,3,3-Trifluoropropene, G. Kostov, B. Ameduri
19. High oxidation states in transition metal fluorides, A. Higelin, S. Riedel
20. Photochemical syntheses of fluorides in liquid anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, Z. Mazej
21. Sol-gel synthesis of metal fluorides: reactivity and mechanisms, G. Scholz, E. Kemnitz
22. Solution-based Synthesis of nano-sized TiO2 anatase in fluorinating media, J. Ma, W. Li, D. Dambournet
23. Ionic liquid materials based on fluoroanions, K. Matsumoto, R. Hagiwara
24. Reactivity of surface fluorinated TiO2 and TiAl particles, J.H. Kim, S. Yonezawa, M. Takashima
25. Chemical and Electrochemical Stability of Copper in Molten KF.2HF, D. Binet, I. Crassous, C. Belhomme, A. Colisson, B. Morel, F. Lantelme, D. Devilliers, C.M. Julien, H. Groult.



Vol.4 – “Fluorine in Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals, Medicinal Diagnostics, and Agrochemicals”

G. Haufe, F. Leroux, Eds., to appear 2017






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